I saw a note on Facebook the other day that said 4 year olds ask 437 questions a day.  I’d believe it!  Usually the questions will start to drive me nuts but Nathan asked me the best question ever yesterday!

Nathan:  Mommy, why do bunnies lie?

Me:  (confused) Bunnies don’t lie?

Nathan:  Yes they do! 

Me:  Was there a bunny at Vacation Bible School that lied?  (Each day they have a new cartoon character that they meet so I wondered if this is where the question was coming from.)

Nathan:  No.

Me:  Well, honey bunnies don’t lie.

Nathan:  Yes, they do mommy.  You know!  (Nathan begins singing)

     My bunny lies over the ocean, my bunny lies of the sea 

Me:  (laughing)  Oh!!!  Honey, the song isn’t about a bunny it’s  

     My bonnie lies over the ocean, my bonnie lies over the sea


Earlier in the day I had sung this song the Levi and it must have stuck with Nathan!  I thought this was so funny!