After Nathan’s trial hockey class we signed him up for 6 weeks of hockey.  The first week we had one excited 5 year old and one sad 3 year old.  Levi kept saying how he wanted to skate.  During the class I was talking to a mom whose 3 year old son was out there on the ice.  Wondering how a 3 year old gets to skate in a 4-8 year old program intrigued me.  We talked with the head man, coach Al, and he said Levi was more than welcome to skate!  He doesn’t charge for 3 year olds because they may or may not last on the ice the entire class time.  Levi was excited!!  We had borrowed most of Nathan’s equipment but since the classes had already started they were running low on little kid equipment.  We trucked all over Castle Rock and Littleton to find all the necessary equipment and Levi was ready to go for week two!  Levi is in the white jersey and Nathan in the navy blue USA jersey.  :)


So now we are in week 4 of lessons.  Nathan enjoys hockey but he’s not fast.  He’s mastered getting up after falling down and starting to get the hang of pushing with his skates so he actually moves without the little skate walk the kids seem to start with.  He’s starting to glide and pick up a little speed (very little speed but he’s getting faster).  Levi has a love hate relationship with hockey.  He LOVES skating with the bucket because he’s fast and can go anywhere.  He HATES it when they take away his bucket.  Levi can get up after falling down and can skate but chooses to not to.  His super stubborn stage and the “I can’t” statements have made their way to hockey.  Week 2 Levi spent as much time laying on the cold ice because he didn’t want to get up and skate without the bucket.  He looked like this much of the lesson.  Made me laugh!!


 This last week he came off the ice after about 15 minutes because they were making his try to skate.  After hanging on the bleachers (and being bored – aka not watching a cartoon on mommy’s phone and not getting candy from grandma) he decided to go back and skate.  He used the bucket and when he came off the ice said “that was so fun”.  Once Levi gets over his own stubbornness and attitude, I think he will love hockey.  :)  

Nathan had a great time at hockey this week – listened well, skated well, and worked hard.  The week before he was struggling – wasn’t listening, didn’t put much effort in, and was being lazy.  The coach got frustrated and sprayed Nathan in the face with ice shavings.  LOL.  He totally deserved it!!  Acted much better this week!!  

Matt is on the ice to help with Levi (when he cooperates and participates) and then helps with Nathan’s group at other times.  He’s loving being on the ice and really would like to play again.  The speed of the little kids is not quite the rate at which he’s used to playing.  It’s wonderful watching something my 3 boys can do together.  I pretend not to be able to skate so that the boys cannot request me to come out and help.  :)  It’s lovely for all!


Oh My Goodness!

Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize I was so far behind on my blogging.  I have no great excuse.  Nathan had spring break last week and we really didn’t get to do much because I decided it was time to potty train Levi.  So maybe I can say I’ve been doing lots of laundry and that’s been keeping me busy and away from the blog.

Just so you all know…I’m in potty training hell!!  It’s horrible!  First, I have to say, I HATE POTTY TRAINING!!  Nathan wore me out.  Took so much work to get the peeing down and when we had that working for us it was 3 months until he would poop in the potty.  I don’t have any more patience for this!  So in my brilliance I bribed (yes, I really paid her) my sister to take Levi on day 1 of potty training.  I thought I was going to be getting the good end of this bargain since I had stupidly convinced myself this would only take a few days and we would be rocking!!  One week and one day later I’m almost about to go insane!  Levi won’t tell me he needs to go potty and he refuses to poop in the potty.  Every 20-30 mins I’m taking him to the potty and every day or two I’m running around trying to catch him right before he needs to poo.  I thought this would was going to be easy because Levi has been a master for a long time now at being able to sit and pee on command (like he’s a dog :) ).  He just understood how to push it out!  He is EXTREMELY STUBBORN and is fighting this like crazy!  He will pee most of the time because of the sticker reward chart that leads to getting presents (oh, I tired M&M’s and candy…they don’t work for this kid).  I have made 3 trips to Target to stock up on presents.  Good news is he can pee in the potty when I take him!!  Bad news is that he also pees in his pants and doesn’t care to go on his own yet.  I’m have pulled out all the stops on the pooping.  Bought and wrapped a big present he can have, offered to go to Chuck-e-Cheese’s, said he could stay the night at Net’s house, told him about being a big boy, being able to go to preschool, threatened him with putting him in daycare (he said yes to this), made him sit for great lengths of time on the potty hoping it would just come, and even force him to push every time he pees.  Now he just makes grunting noises to make me think he’s pushing.  He’s in an “I can’t” phase which isn’t working well for potty training.  SO…if any kind sole wants to take over for me I will eternally be grateful!  I keep telling myself that all kids I know are potty trained by kindergarten so I’m sure he will eventually get this down.  This doesn’t help much as each day weighs me down.  We won’t go back to diapers (although Levi likes that idea too) because I’m already this far.  Please feel free to provide encouraging words or wine!!

Back to Nathan’s spring break!  We started the week off nicely with a trip to Qdoba for lunch.  The boys and I had been out running errands and they love this place.  This eating out adventure was pre potty training but did not disappoint with two visits to the bathroom by Nathan to begin and end our meal.  :)Image

Nathan and Levi had their usual hockey and swimming and then soccer started last Monday for him.  Nathan is on an all boy team and they named themselves the green snakes!  The highlight of tonights game was watching Nathan try to slither across the field.  Quite menacing!Image

We are busy with sports but the boys are liking them (well, mainly Nathan).  Levi (in his “I can’t” and stubborn phase) laid on the ice most of hockey last time refusing to stand up.  He can stand up and he can skate but he refused to do it.  Just wanted to skate with the bucket.  Matt gave up on helping him and let him lay there.  You would think the ice would get cold.  Good news, I don’t pay for him to be on the ice.  Bad news, I did pay for his equipment (usually you can borrow but they ran out of little kid sizes) so he’s going to be out there every Saturday!  :)Image

Nathan said at school this week they are writing a book about 4 fun things they did on spring break.  Poor kid, his best day was the day we went to the dentist!  This was the same day we left Levi with my sister, so Nathan did get a one-on-one day with Matt and myself.  Matt took the day off and we drove to Greeley to see my uncle.  Nathan loved getting his teeth cleaned and kept saying “it didn’t hurt one bit”.  While Matt got his teeth cleaned Nathan and I walked over the lake and park across the street which was quite fun!  We went to lunch and then visited some model homes in northern Colorado.  I feel somewhat badly that the dentist was the highlight of his week.ImageImageImageImage

My grandparents came out last weekend to see the boys.  They were blessed with getting to watch Levi lay on the ice.  :)  Levi has a thing for my Grandpa Bob!  Just loves him!  He would choose to go sit on the same couch as my grandpa every chance he got!  He requested to sit in between my grandparents at lunch.  He was just in heaven when they asked if he wanted to go home with them!  Of course he said yes!!ImageImage

I still think they look alike!

Most of the week we stuck close to home because of potty training.  I did manage to get the boys their first outdoor haircuts of the season.  They did great and so did I!  :)  In the cooler months I take the boys to a friend of mine to get their hairs cut but in the summer I use the clippers and cut away!  An obvious before and after.  :)Image

We did have some nice time together playing, relaxing, and catching up on a a few cartoons.  :)  Next year I’m thinking more fun, more adventures, and NO potty training!!

Hockey Trial Class

A few weeks ago a friend sent me an email about a “Try Hockey for Free Day” at a nearby ice rink.  With Matt’s love of hockey and years playing growing up he would love it if the boys would play.  The age cut off was 4 so Levi couldn’t go but we signed Nathan up!  Free hockey, free gear to borrow for the day, and a chance to see Nathan on the ice sounded like one of the best days ever!  Plus, Nathan got to take home a free jersey that will fit him for the next 5 years!

Nathan was extremely excited!  Matt went with him to get dressed.  Thank goodness because I would have had no idea what went where.  Plus, I can’t imagine dressing Nathan and keeping Levi under control (he’s in a tough stage right now).

Here’s the dressing progress:ImageImageImageNathan hopped on the ice with such excitement!  There were tons of coaches there to help.  The coaches thought they would see how he did without a bucket to push around.  He did lots of falling down and had repeated lessons on how to get back up.  Image

The coaches had to help him back up much of the hour long session but once up he would do some small step skating.  They had him passing the puck back and forth and skating some to get to the puck.  He did really quite well!ImageImageImage

He’s the little guy standing just to the left of center in the picture.

Nathan was having fun but eventually got tired (really tired of trying to figure out how to get back up off the ice) so the high school/college age kid with him took him for a ride on the ice.  Image

Nathan would hold his stick and the guy would skate him around the ice like a rag doll.  He loved it!!  After awhile the coach tried to get Nathan back up to do something productive but he wouldn’t.  Matt (and I) got tired of watching him lay on the ice so Matt went out there.  He worked with Nathan some and before long he was getting up on the ice on his own!!

I asked Nathan if he wanted to play hockey as they have a class starting soon.  He said maybe.  I asked him one night “What part of you doesn’t want to play hockey?”  He thought for a moment and while pointing to his waist “from here down”.  Ha ha.  Reason being he was tired of falling down and getting back up.  :)

I’ve convinced him to sign up for the class and hope that he can quickly get to standing back up on the ice within a class or two or we may never see him play much hockey.  :)

Personally, there is almost nothing is as cute as a little kid all weighed down in hockey gear trying to chase a puck while they move at turtle speed.  :)


Valentine’s Day seemed to be a bigger deal in our house this year than normal.  Matt took the boys out shopping to buy some flowers, a card, and a small gift for me.  The boys were so excited about giving me their gifts!  I felt so loved!

A few weeks ago Nathan asked me if we were going to do the scavenger hunt on Valentine’s Day like we did last year.  I was shocked he remembered doing it last year.  Of course, I already had it in the works to do.  They really did have fun!  I did send Matt to the store the night before to get a balloon.  He came home with a very small balloon with words of love in SPANISH!   He explained that he wasn’t going to pay $15 for a big balloon.  I agreed $15 was crazy for a balloon so I went with his decision – the boys could care less anyway what balloon arrived and Nathan never commented about the Spanish writing.  :)Image

The  scavenger hunt started at the kitchen table and the boys ran downstairs to the first station where they had to “patiently” build play-doh hearts.  Love is patient.


The next clue took the boys upstairs where they found a rubber ducky and had we had to give each other hugs.  Love is kind.Image

Next stop, mommy and daddy’s room for kisses and stuffed puppies. Image

The last stop we prayed together as a family thanking God for giving us each other and the gift of our family.  The boys then got to open their Valentine’s goody bag.ImageImageImageImage

Nathan had a fun Valentine celebration at school.  The kids brought in decorated boxes, exchanged Valentine’s, ate pizza and cookies, and made hats.  I was able to go in and help out in the classroom.  Nathan and I had made a robot Valentine box for school from a kit I bought at Target.  It looked okay but was quite girly looking with all the light purple, teal, and yellow and as Nathan put it “it could be better”.  So Thursday morning I gave Nathan some ideas of how we could decorate his box.  He picked a train so in about 2 hrs time I found all the materials around the house and created him a red train.  He was so excited!  When he got out of the car at drop off for school he proudly carried his box making chugging and whistle sounds like a train.  ImageImageImageImage

We had a great day of LOVE!!Image


Nathan has had a few dress-up opportunities at school lately.  A few weeks ago the kindergarten class ended their fairy tale unit with fairy tale dress-up day.  Nathan decided he needed to be a king.  I ran to target and bought some jewels to decorate his crown and some pillow cases that allowed me to very easily make a cloak.  Nathan was happily dressed for school in his outfit and said “mommy, I sure hope there is a princess so we can dance” as he acts like he’s dancing.  This was shortly followed with “mommy, everyone can call me your majesty today”.  What is a younger brother if he can’t be exactly like his older brother.  Good thing pillowcases come in pairs!Image

Last week Nathan had his 100th day of kindergarten so I again, got to put my creative hat on and try to make Nathan into a 100 year old man.  Seriously!  Talk about mommy homework.  Nathan was very excited and honestly, without him, I would not of thought of the beard.  Matt trekked to Safeway and I hot glued cotton balls onto the glasses, Matt created a cane, and I cut up a pair of my socks to make the beard.  A little baby powder in the hair and a sweater vest created 100 year old Nathan.  Levi was not happy not having a cane or glasses but I made everything ok by putting powder in his hair.


Not to be outdone Levi woke up last week and decided he needed to wear our vintage Care Bear costume.  He wore it to drop off Nathan at school, to the gym’s kid care area, napped in it, picked up Nathan (this time trekking all through the school), and ate his meals in his costume.  He loved showing off his two hearts.  To show the heart on his bottom he turns around, bends over, and sticks his bum up in the air.  Made many smile with that move throughout the day!  Levi picked a great day to wear the costume as it was one of the bitter cold days with highs in the single digits!  Kept him warm.Image

Cold Weather Fun

Last Saturday my parents and our family headed up to Breckenridge to see the snow sculpture contest.  AMAZING works of art.  I didn’t get many pictures of the impressive sculptures because I wanted to make sure Levi did not cross the rope barrier and destroy the works of art.  I snapped one quickly on our way back to the bus.  Image

Nathan loved the sculpture of the dinosaur being attacked by other dinosaurs.Image

Both boys loved the pirate ship they could climb on and then slide down the slide on the other side.  It was a hard icy landing but neither kid seemed to be bothered.Image

Traffic was slow heading up into the mountains and Breckenridge was packed.  We ended up parking in a big lot outside of town and riding the bus to and from the snow sculptures.  We skipped eating in Breck thinking the restaurants would be packed and instead ate in Silverthorn.

Sunday we took the boys to the Rink at the Rock (our local outdoor ice rink) to try ice skating for the first time!  They were super excited and I think Matt was praying this would be a success in hopes of maybe having little hockey players to follow in his footsteps.  :)  The rink has 5 gallon buckets to help new skaters get their balance and footing.  The boys used the buckets, tried skating with just holding our hands, and even pushed their buckets away and made themselves skate toward them.  I was shocked how quickly they were picking up skating!  It was on their own that they tried to skate with no help.  One of the other moms we went with (New Hope Moms group) even commented on how she thought our boys had been skating several times before as well as they were doing.  All the other families took off for hot chocolate but our boys didn’t want to get off the ice so we skated for awhile longer.  I’m so proud of them!  The boys have been asking (almost daily) when we get to go back.  We are planning on starting them in hockey next fall!  But, maybe a few more skating lessons before then.  ImageImageImageImageImage

The picture above is Nathan skating on his own to his bucket.  :)

This and That

We really have not had much going on lately.  Our days seem to be about the same filled with the boys playing (usually with trains), running errands, cleaning up messes, breaking up fights, running Nathan to and from school, activities, and the endless cooking and cleaning up of meals.  It has not been an exciting month.  Just to keep up with blogging I have a few pictures to show the random “this and that” of our lives lately.

In between the hours of train playing the boys do find other activities.  Levi is sharing cupcakes while lighting up the night with this headlamp. Image

Playing trains.  Gotta love Levi’s face…he was laughing.Image

A break from trains for Nathan to learn how to play Skylanders.Image

The only things that top trains on our house are Levi’s “guys”.  Levi travels with his “guys” wherever he goes (bed, car, upstairs, downstairs, etc.).  His “guys” include: two ya-ya blankets, 1 yellow Robert the Chick, Snoopy, and as of lately, his new Build A Bear puppy “Bone”.  I have instituted rules about who gets to travel with us at what times.  I’m not carrying and keeping track of his “guys” everywhere we go.  They are not a small load!  Image

We took the boys to the Wildlife Experience a few weeks ago to see a 3D movie on penguins. Image

Then we played some more trains.Image

The boys and I joined our moms group for a nutrition session at the local grocery store.  The kids read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then made one from fruit and cheese.ImageImage

Matt is still working on the bathroom.Image

One day in one of our many trips to Lowe’s we ran into my parents.  The boys were extremely excited!!Image

Merry Christmas 2013

It’s 1/3rd of the way into the new year and I finally downloaded the pictures from my camera from this Christmas.  A little delay but here is the exciting recap of Christmas!

We started on Christmas Eve opening gifts from Matt’s parents.  The boys were so excited to open a few gifts!  Nathan was most excited about the weekend in the mountains Matt’s parents got them.  They love being in the mountains and are extremely excited!!  Matt got a bb gun that was his grandfathers and loved reenacting the Christmas Story movie.  :)ImageImageImage

I love the Christmas Even children’s service at our church!  They bring in animals for a manger scene that the kids get to see upon walking up to the church.  The service is very active with lots of fun songs for the kids, a few movie/video clips, and the message is short, sweet, and to the point.  I love the innocence and sweetness of the evening and seeing the boys so engaged in church.  They loved it!

Christmas Eve, after the children’s service at church, we went to my parents house to eat, play, make ornaments, and celebrate the birth of Jesus with a birthday cake.  The boys loved singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles.  ImageImage

Levi loves his snuggles still and Net’s lap is often chosen over mommy’s!!  I think it makes them both extremely happy!

We conned Matt into setting up a puzzle on a card table.  It did not take long to realize it was NOT going to work.  The puzzle fit but there was no working room as you can see.  There was some debate whether or not to actually take on this challenge of limited space or move the puzzle.  We decided moving the puzzle was the smarter option. :) Image

Per Nathan’s request we stayed the night at my parents home and enjoyed Christmas morning with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law.

The boys slept in my parents room and there was a “do not come out until 7:00am” rule that was strictly enforced.  Love that rule!!  Nathan’s face is a little bizarre but I ensure you he was excited to go see what Santa had left for him and Levi.ImageImageImageImageImage

Admiring each other’s gifts.Image

The remainder of the day was spent playing with toys and eating.  We had a yummy brunch that left us all so full that when we left mid afternoon we still didn’t have room for food.ImageImageImage

And would you believe we managed to suck everybody into the puzzle at some point.  This puzzle was unique in that the picture on the box and the puzzle itself were not the same.  The puzzle was a “in the future” picture of what the box showed.  For example the box shows a young couple in love and the puzzle itself has this same couple and kids, more weight, less hair, etc.. Whether it was Matt, my dad, and myself up until almost midnight or Ryan, who refused to get involved on Christmas Eve, was sucked in on Christmas morning.  Mikki is puzzle lover claiming to own a ridiculous number of Thomas Kincaid puzzles, so she was in her element with the puzzle over Christmas.  We did finish the puzzle just minutes before we packed up and headed home!!  Image

It was a wonderful Christmas and we enjoyed being with our family.  The boys LOVED the special night staying at my parents house.  Matt was able to take the two weeks around Chirstmas and New Years off and we enjoyed some lazy days and great family time.  Matt was sick most of his vacation with a nasty cold but managed to get going on our latest project – taking out the old master shower/tub and putting in a new one and tiling the walls.  It’s still a work in progress.  :)  The boys loved having Matt home and I enjoyed the time and help with the boys.  It’s now back to routine as Matt is back at work and Nathan is back at school!


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